Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pack it in time

Well it's time for me to pack up my stamping stuff and make room for my nursing books and study materials. Waaaaahhh!!! This may be the last card I make until Winter break. Maybe I will be able to sneak in a few more, but with my study load it is not likely.

This card is using the Anni-VERVE-sary sketch #10 and it is for my cousin's husband's birthday. I think she reads my blog but hopefully he is not looking over her shoulder to see this until after he gets it in the mail. I was glad to try out my stamps from Verve. I just love the designs! I am looking forward to getting some from the new release but probably won't until close to Winter break or in May after graduation.

Well, thank you all for checking out my cards. I may do short little ramblings here and there. April Kitty also thanks you all for kind comments you have given her too. If she could type I am sure she would post many more photos of herself.

God Bless!

Elizabeth =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diva Kitty

Wow, all those comments on how beautiful my cat is was unexpected! Thanks for the comments and April thanks you too. Infact, since reading the comments to her she has been strutting around like she thinks she's all that! Now she wants my blog to be about her instead of my stamping. Well I told her she should learn to type and create her own blog. That would be very interesting if she could; I could probably get rich off her!

Well anyway, thanks for all the comments on my cards and my cat. Maybe every once in a while I put up a new picture of her and updates on her life of sleeping, eating, sunning and running away from Sweepie.

Psalm 37:4

I got to play with my new stamps from Verve this evening despite April. This is my first time using clear stamps and it was just as easy as rubber. This is a combination of 3 challenges: Anni-Verve-sary sketch challenge, Color Throw Down Week 6, and Bible Verses 2008.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Mail Day!

My new stamp sets from Verve are here!

Awwwe, poor April Kitty looks so sad! She knows that I will be playing with these more than her tonight.

Oooooh, April Kitty looks mad! I think I better hide my new Verve stamps before she goes off in a jealous rage!

Uh-oh, April Kitty very mad! I think I better play with her before playing with my stamps tonight!

Actually, April is a very sweet old cat, she just likes to sit in my lap when I'm at the craft table, which makes stamping a bit difficult.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tulip Sympathy

Sympathy cards are so hard for me. I couldn't come up with an original idea so I CASEd this one.

Sweepie's card

My 16 month old niece, whom I call Sweepie, really liked the card I made for her grandma's birthday. She kept kissing the hedgehog! I was trying to work on another card for a sketch challenge when she pulled out some paper and grabbed the hedgehog stamp. She wanted to make a card for her grandma too! So using the scraps of paper she pulled out (yes, she did choose the paper all by herself) I helped her make a little card. She let me choose the sketch and help inking the stamp. She had a little help from me using the glue stick and putting the pieces together. When we were done she picked up a pink button from the table and handed it to me. She wanted to use it as an embelishment. I think she has got a lot of card making talent already!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Hedgehog

This will be for my sister who's birthday is later in the month. I am safe posting it now because she never reads my blog, nor any other blogs. The sketch is by Julee Tilman for the OCC sketch challenge.